Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thinking about Missouri

Well, I can't sleep again. I've been thinking about Missouri.

I found this page on the web.

You could make up a story around it.

One day, I decided to take a trip. I love country music and I'd never been to Branson before. Everyone said it was the best. But, what with my recent remodeling efforts - not to mention brand new flooring, my pocketbook was a little empty.

So, I got down on my knees and did a little praying. As I lifted up my eyes from prayer, I happened to notice my aunt Agatha's old painting on the wall. That got me to thinking - could this be worth something? I called my lawyer to see if he had any ideas on how I could find out. He was busy so while I waited, I studied the painting a little more. It was a landscape featuring some of the local wildlife. When I looked closer, I realized that one of the animals in the picture is actually endangered. I wondered if the local wildlife conservation group would be interested.

I hung up the phone (that lawyer was never coming on the line) and called the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Hmm - this is getting a little long (and it's kind of bad too). I need to polish it up a bit so I think I'll go try to sleep and resume the tale tomorrow.


  1. I've got family in Missouri. I even used to live in Missouri, more specifically St. Louis. I had moved there to live with my dad after I graduated from college. That lasted nine and a half months as something happened to my dad, causing me to have to return to my mom in Kansas. Whether or not I will ever return to my dad in St. Louis or ever move to anywhere else in Missouri remains to be seen.

  2. So, were you able to get a hold of the Missouri Department of Conservation regarding that picture?