Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Beginning of the End - Pizza Every Night for a Month Begins

Tomorrow, the plumber comes and so today my husband ripped the last pieces out of the kitchen. We'll be ripping out more of the drywall and some of the floor later but we feel like we've finally started to turn the corner from destruction to creation. Wish us luck.


  1. My mom and stepdad(whom I'm currently living with) never did a full-blown demolition to their kitchen, but they nonetheless made periodic changes to it. We used to have a white stove, a white microwave, and a white dishwasher. (The house didn't come with a dishwasher so we had one installed.)These appliances were eventually replaced with chrome ones. Where there used to be green carpet in the kitchen (as well as much of the house) there is tile. (The tile was put in two years ago when I was out of town babysitting my nephew.) The kitchen also used to have brown plaid wallpaper, but that got torn down shortly after we had moved there, and in place of that is light blue paint.

    I look forward to hearing more about the renovations (or whatever it is you're doing) that you and your husband are doing.

  2. Well, we kind of had to. The electrical work wasn't quite up to today's code - we knew that going in. It's a mess now but I hope it'll be nice.

    We're going to have beech colored cabinets on the bottom and white on the top with a blue wall and these cool lights from Lowes.

    I think it will be restful. I just can't decide what kind of countertops - I like quartz but it's so expensive.

  3. Speaking of Lowes, it's my understanding that Gene Hackman is the voiceover for Lowes or was at one time. My stepdad currently works at the Home Depot in my hometown in Kansas. When he was working at the one in Santa Fe (where we were living with my mom who had moved on a business transfer), Hackman shopped there once. (I don't remember the rest of the story.) Later at dinner or something, my stepdad joked about how there could be a slogan for Home Depot that said something like, "Even the guy for Lowes shops here."