Friday, December 12, 2008

Going to the Library

Maybe my favorite thing to do that's just for me is to go to the library and find a new author to read. When I was younger, I seemed to have more time and would go and spend hours hanging around reading magazines, looking through the card catalog and just browsing through the stacks. Today, I meant to go to the library at lunch but then I forgot. I left work late - around 6:30 and I was thinking of going straight home but then ... hey, why not? I took a little bit of time for myself and went to the library. They don't have card catalogues anymore and I did really a very small amount of browsing but I'm still thankful for the library. Thanks to all you hard-working librarians who stay late so people like me can still go to the library at 6:30 at night. Yes - that's you oh faithful Boca Raton Public Library workers. Thanks for completing my day.

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