Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bad Weekend for Productivity

This weekend I was attacked from within. Yes. It's true. My sinuses attacked. This caused me to slink away to the spare room and watch TV all weekend - including all night instead of sleeping. While I was lying there attempting to nod off, I saw one of my all time favorite movies: Any Given Sunday - with Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Ann Margaret, Dennis Quaid and Al Pacino. We're getting into the heart of the football season now and miracle of miracles, the Miami Dolphins are first in their division! Dave and I already signed up to go to the playoff game so we're really hoping there will be one.

Any Given Sunday is set in Miami and features the imaginary football team - the Miami Sharks. Unfortunately, the Miami Sharks don't get to go to the playoffs - let's hope that wasn't some kind of harbinger of the future.

Empire of the Sun is another movie that was so great but you hardly ever hear anybody talk about it. Christian Bales was fantastic in that movie - the scene where he sings the Welsh lullaby on the roof as the Japanese planes are flying over is amazing.

Anyway, this morning I went out and got some heavy-duty sinus medicine and I seem to be back on track so tonight, I'm going to try something new - sleeping. To anyone who might read this - Good night and see you in the movies.

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