Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Regular posting is regular posting

Well, it's been about a year. Time for another post. Since last year, I stirred up the dust a bit. (I know. I know, the metaphor is getting old but since I'm the only one who ever reads this stuff, I can indulge myself). I got a new job that I love. I also had a great boss for a while and even though he left, I still love the job. As Dave puts it, I'm a professional bitch. Finally, a job that calls upon my most powerful personal talent. I was a bit worried at first when one of my new co-workers decided to have a nap while working ... thought maybe this was just some kind of Florida thing but apparently, this is indeed unusual and since then, he's gone off to get more rest elsewhere. Everyone has been very nice which is sometimes tough to do with me.
We have a pretty good time and everyone is only mildly disturbed when I curse at my computer and talk spiritedly to myself and jobs like that are tough to find so I hope this takes. In fact, I'm feeling quite optimistic for the new year. After several months of craziness (about which we will not speak further - she says darkly), one of my co-workers even played a practical joke on me on Monday. That hasn't happened since Darrell left. Things are looking up. Anyway, my list of resolutions is quite long this year:
  • Lose weight.
  • Get fit.
  • Beautify the blog with CSS - that I will learn in more detail.
  • Love myself more.
  • Post more often.
Check back to see how that goes.

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