Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Brilliant Career

Living in entropy is not working out ... or is it? I think the universe is trying to push me around or at least provoke me a little.

I find myself in a most peculiar position. I have this job that should be amazingly simple. However, due to an positively spectacular lack of management, it is not.

When I first started, I was a little concerned about the lack of direction we received. My boss showed me all sorts of fancy software that tracked how productive I was and how accurate (this last was based on an evaluation of my work by a more experienced colleague). However, I diligently asked many questions of my colleague and it didn't take long for the answers to start becoming contradictory. Furthermore, I wasn't completely unskilled in this area of work and occasionally, I realized that my colleague was just wrong. Even so, if I was going to get a good evaluation, I had to go along so I muscled on and tried not to think about the truly bone-headed decisions I was making. All this came crashing to the ground one day when I noticed that my colleague was sleeping while he was performing my evaluation. So much for quality control.

At this point, I lost it. I railed against the injustice by arguing with this guy to such a point that I managed to convince everyone that I was a complete bozo. After many months of laying low, I believe that I have finally managed to dispel that image - or, at least, dim it.

Now, I think that the powers that be might be on the verge of finally realizing that a little more actual organization was maybe required and Sleepy LeBoeuf was maybe not the guy to do the job. I think I can convince my boss that I should be allowed to retool the project. However, to do this, I need old Sleepy to be gone and I can't get rid of him. Everyone loves him too much.

What does this mean? Should I give up Entropy as my guide after all this time? Have I been trapped by entropy?

All this has got me to thinking about how things work. If you read the magazines, there are always lots of helpful suggestions about how to take power in the office, influence people and try to take over the world. I don't think that will work for me. I do want to write up my proposal so that my boss can understand it but I think a little Entropy is still the way to go.

"Dust that moves and shadows of the afternoon" are not necessarily bad as long as you aren't singing those self-defeating lies while you lie around drinking and watching TV. (see Plea from a Cat named Virtute by The Weakerthans).

See you next year.

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