Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Contractor is in the Building

Due to some aspersions being cast on the industriousness of my contractor, I feel the need to publish updated photos of developments in the kitchen.
The back wall will have a wall oven - the cooktop goes on the island at the right.

Here is where the sink will be - it's a farmer kind - like this one:
But we couldn't get started on putting it all together until we finished the ceiling:


  1. Actually, he's been busy since then and is pretty close to actually attaching that back wall of cabinets. Unfortunately, they seem to be a little less than a quarter of an inch too long for the wall. We can fix that but it may require that one of the drawers will not get the same handle as the other ones. I feel that we can have it all. The contractor has doubts. We are in discussions about the right way to go. I have agreed to like whatever happens.