Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ceramic Tile is Heavy but DIYers are Nice

I went to Lowes today and picked up my ceramic tile. Next weekend, I should be on my knees installing it. I met a very nice German lady at the store while I was waiting for the clerk to help me lift the tile out from under the counter (see title) and she gave me some insights into some of the problems I'm likely to have. She suggested that I keep a few of these at the ready to give a slight boost to tiles that just won't level exactly right.

Then, I went over to Home Depot to check out countertops and I met this great guy named Keith who told me a whole lot about the pros and cons of all the different kinds. I have to do some more thinking but he was sure helpful. I'm definitely going to go back to Home Depot when the time comes to order them - the guy at Lowes wasn't nearly so helpful. All he did was complain that someone had pulled his samples off the wall. I pointed out that it was tough to see the colors of them on the wall like that but he didn't seem to care about my convenience. No - I believe I'll be shopping with Keith.

And the adventure continues and speaking of heavy, tomorrow we're lugging cement board in from the garage and attaching it to the floor.

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